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You deserve a team at your disposal to ensure that all of your needs are met. From account updates to managing your nest egg with integrity, our team will provide you with an experience tailored to your personal goals. Our proactive approach to communication strives to keep you educated, allowing you to focus on finding comfort in all stages of your life.



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Whether you're just beginning your financial journey, or preparing to leave your legacy, our experienced team of planners will help create a plan that works for you. As your fiduciary, we are bound by the Certified Financial Planner Code of Ethics* and Regulation Best Interest to do everything in your best interest. We value our relationships and our goal is to fully understand your vision so we can help provide you a path to the destination you deserve. 

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Using a very specific process, our asset management team analyzes the markets daily in order to buy and sell with discretion for our clients. By knowing your goals and your financial picture, we can determine, using technical analysis,  what blend of exchange traded funds (ETFs) and individual equities to include in your portfolio based on your stated objectives. 

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We proactively provide our clients with access to our analysis through our A.M. Cup of Joe (our weekly Asset Management Update) and our CompassMarket Minute (quick market update) videos. You can view samples below.

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