Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab’s Chief Investment Strategist wrote last week about what to do when a stock market rally is in the late innings.  The full article is here:  As a lifelong baseball fan, she was really speaking my language h...

I can’t believe it has been 21 years since the Ghostface character caused havoc in the fictional town of Woodsboro in the movie Scream.  “What’s your favorite scary movie?” That question launched one of the most successful horror movie franchises in history.  It’s that time of year to put on your favorite scary movie and enjoy the season.  Some days it se...

The recent passing of rock legend Tom Petty has come at an interesting time in the stock market.  The titles to many of his iconic songs have been running through my mind over the past week or so.  He had his personal struggles and professional ups and downs and that is something every investor can relate to with the stock market!  Believe it or not, we j...

The music of country singer Billy Currington has filled my house for many years now.  Although these days I have two little girls jumping around the living room singing “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To” (not exactly children’s music), I was recently thinking about the more serious 2008 song “People are Crazy” that I have sung at karaoke more times than I li...

September 27, 2017

The term fake news has become a part of our lexicon in the last year.  It is getting to the point where the term is used so often it is becoming a joke.  The other day on CNBC, I saw a stat that said 20% of millennials say they will never invest in the stock market.  Hopefully that is a grossly exaggerated number, but I’m afraid it could be true.  What wo...

September 20, 2017

Going out of town for a few days with two young kids requires some planning.  The right clothes, sleeping equipment (like a sweet Trolls sleeping bag), toiletries, diapers, food, sound machine, toys, monitors, and the list goes on.  It feels like a whole lot of effort just to get out the door!  Applying the same principles of preparing for a weekend getaw...

September 13, 2017

As the traditional summer wedding season winds down, I still have a co-worker’s wedding fresh in my mind.  The wedding day is just the beginning of the journey of marriage and the vows are a great reminder of all the things you sign up for!  As my wife could attest, I’m not the best person to dole out marital advice, but what would happen if we implemente...

September 6, 2017

The beginning of football season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited.  Watching Penn State on Saturdays and as much of the NFL RedZone Channel on Sundays as possible is a big part of what makes fall my favorite season.  If you play fantasy football, you know the excitement you have drafting your team and heading into the season full of promise with...

     Are there any fans of The Desert Rose Band out there?  In 1987 they had a great song called “One Step Forward” that featured the chorus, “one step forward and two steps back, nobody gets too far like that.”  That doesn’t seem very profound, but the lesson there can be a great one when it comes to viewing your investment returns and how your assets ar...

Every time I sing one of my favorite Eagles songs, I recognize the power of music.  The acoustic guitars and soothing melody that accompany the lyrics, “I got a peaceful, easy feeling and I know it won’t let me down, ‘cause I’m already standing on the ground” actually creates a peaceful easy feeling when I listen to it.  Whether I am singing along to an E...

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Jan 24, 2017

“Please put that down.” “Don’t eat that piece of leaf.” “Stay away from the electrical outlets.” “The bottoms of shoes are dirty, please don’t touch them.” Those are all common refrains around my house. Sometimes words aren’t enough especially when you are talking to a nine month-old. When you have little kids in the house, safety is the number one priority. With our now two year-old, we had plans to baby proof cabinets, cupboards, hide anything breakable until she was at least 10, gate both ends of the stairs, etc. Before we turned our house into a safe space, we learned that our two year-old was about as interested in hurting herself as her parents were in seeing it.

Nov 21, 2016

International peace treaties have probably been negotiated with less back and forth than trying to put a two-year-old to sleep. The bedtime routine for my daughter should be pretty straightforward. We eat dinner, play, then it is time to wind down. We go upstairs, brush her teeth, then go to her sister’s room to give mom and little sister a hug and kiss good night. Then we shuffle over to her room, go to her bed and say her prayers. We watch a few minutes of a movie, I give her kisses, put her blanket on, then silently leave and close the door. That is the scripted version, but it seems every night we go way off the page.

Oct 21, 2016

Like all financial decisions, choosing when to take Social Security retirement benefits involves a blend of hard numbers and emotions. That can be a deadly combination! Even with the law changes that went into effect this year that limit some of the old “file and suspend” options that couples could take advantage of, there are still many strategies that individuals and couples face when making that important decision.

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