We use a team approach to help clients build and maintain wealth through investment strategies based on individual needs and wealth plans. Our asset management process is both disciplined and active while focusing on minimizing risk, volatility and optimizing potential real return and seeking consistent performance. We manage for you and plan with you!

Investing With a Process






All investment objectives represent our starting point to help determine the type of securities used in building your portfolio. We take a Core, Revenue, Strategic and Tactical approach to categorize our investment styles and combine that with your risk tolerance and goal of Growth, Income or Preservation to apply our menu of investment ideas to your situation and wealth plan. Allocations will be guided by your Investment Policy Guideline by investment objective then style and are defined to provide constraints we place on the category of investments that we may place in your account(s). The asset allocation then provides a basis for performance comparison as well as the appropriate risk we are willing to take based on your goals and wealth plan.


Equity selection will be driven by core fundamental analysis and technical indicators and analysis. Disciplined strategies are fashioned that focus on minimizing undue risk and volatility while attempting to optimize real return. Equity selection and allocation decisions will be aided by institutional correspondent research. A menu of investments will be monitored to help ensure appropriate matching to our process and client portfolios and updated as needed. A macro strategy is utilized to indicate interpreted direction over short, intermediate and long term time frames. Once established, Asset Class/Sector strategy indicators are interpreted to confirm areas of strength and money flow. Finally, Investment level buy and sell decisions are ongoing and produce our daily menu of stocks, ETF’s and mutual funds found in client portfolios.


Beyond third party research that is readily available to us and reviewed regularly for overall fundamental direction, we apply a Weekly Asset Management (W.A.M.) process which involves a review of the main areas of technical analysis: Trend, Sentiment, Seasonality, Breadth, and Fund Flows. This produces the EWM Outlook which is utilized in decisions and communication to our clients. The daily review of news provides ideas on select ETF’s and individual stocks which can then be investigated further from the screening process fundamentally and technically during the “security selection” role. This daily process utilizes technical analysis of our current and potential holdings.


We believe that risk control for each portfolio holding is important and that technical analysis helps bring this to the table. Certain technical indicators used include Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator (MACD), and 14/50/200 Day moving averages.  Adjustments to this are made from time to time and reviewed annually along with the entire process to help improve selection efficiency.  The actual creation of a menu of investment holdings that is tracked and reviewed on a daily basis is the main objective of the investment selection process.  Screens are established to funnel quality choices.  This “Long term” view is then filtered through an “intermediate term” charting technique to find stronger picks. Finally, “short term” screens that are established with the technical analysis process to provide a small list of top picks that become part of the menu through the final check of chart patterns, price objective potential/stop levels, and certain points of resistance or support.  This provides the necessary tools to engage in the portfolio analysis necessary to build our client portfolios by the various classes of risk and investment objective.  It also gives us the foundation to provide clear and concise communication and education to our clients about our process and outlook.

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Putting all of the pieces together


The process of Benchmarking involves establishing the proper global allocation and official benchmarks to use in order to track risk performance.  A starting point used is based on normally acceptable indices from four main investment objectives as previously described and the information is applied to building portfolios from the menu of investments created.  Over the course of a market cycle (generally 5 years), certain tactical and cyclical investment decisions may be made that may cause certain market sectors to be under- or overweighed.  The risk versus return of the decisions is monitored on an ongoing basis.  Since we believe the best returns are achieved over time in accounts that remain fully invested, market timing techniques generally will not be employed.  The goal of risk management within the portfolios is not to eliminate risk altogether but to help ensure that risk is intended and compensated.  Positions may be increased or reduced as price, performance and market conditions warrant.  Clients should keep in mind, however, that historically short-term results have been a less reliable indicator of management performance than compounded returns generated over longer periods of time.  With this in mind, performance is tracked for every account and every investment held within our menu on a regular basis.  Investment performances will be reviewed at least annually to determine continued feasibility of achieving the client’s investment objectives as well as the appropriateness of the Investment Philosophy Statement for achieving those objectives.

A daily cash total for all accounts under our discretion is reviewed regularly in order to map up benchmark and outlook objectives to the client investment objective risk level.  Construction for client accounts occurs once the assets are under our care and the time frame for completion will vary from immediate to a number of weeks and is dictated by the current macro outlook that we maintain.


Communication with clients is ongoing, proactive and frequent.  Our current strategy and asset management activity can be reviewed online at our website.  Review of client portfolios, our research process, our outlook, and updates to the strategic outlook on benchmarks is considered on a regular basis.  A quarterly webinar is available that helps support a monthly Asset Management Review that is delivered via email, mail, and posted on our website.  Quarterly portfolio fact sheets that represent portfolios by investment objectives are available.  Our annual investment forum provides the update on topics of most importance and involves education from the investment management and the portfolio management processes.  In addition, our Wealth Management planning process assures our client portfolio allocations are reviewed monthly to validate that portfolios are managed per our philosophy. 

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