Changing the Lineup:

As the first quarter of 2021 is a glimmer of the past, we have found our 'rotation' of assets that we had discussed since mid-2020 has come to pass and has proven to be a benefit to our portfolio management process for clients. Recent changes to this method have come in the form of continuing to sell some winning positions to increase cash ahead of what we see as a changing of the lineup going forward. With the recent quick rise in bond rates, investors of more conservative portfolios (with fixed income in focus) have seen relative under-performance to the sector-specific equity strategy we have utilized thus far in 2021. With this mix of action, we now have an opportunity to adjust all portfolios and favor some asset classes over others. This is just ahead. Yet, we are waiting for the right 'inning' to make the change. Stay tuned and consider a change in the midst again as we continue to make the adjustments that we believe will be best for our clients. Note, in general, we have had positive performance so far based on the strategy. Outside of bonds, which may come back in favor, we have found specific stocks that have worked well and continue to look for more of those as we change our lineup in April. - Coach (Steve)

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