Earnings Season

7th Inning Stretch - There was more action today in the Technical Trading Arena, this time in both our GAME DAY & TIME portfolios. It's earnings season which indicates the possibility of extra volatility. Today we added to three positions, Bristol Myers (BMY) in GAME DAY and Citrix & eBay in TIME. In order to fulfill such buys, we had to free up some space in both portfolios. We trimmed our position in Vale, a foreign materials company, to raise the cash in DAY which was used to add to our BMY position. We took gains in Williams Co (WMB), a pipeline company, and Chemours Co (CC), selling out of them and only partially adding to Citrix & eBay. This leaves us with extra cash on hand in our TIME portfolio, giving us more flexibility to add to other current holdings or to possibly purchase a new one in the coming days.

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