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Making the Early Adjustments

7th Inning Stretch - Today there was more activity in our GAME TIME portfolio with the selling of two holdings, LL & VICI. For the portfolio, VICI was up over 15% and the chart had appeared to be "running away" as we say which made taking the gains an even easier decision. To limit the capital gains, we also decided to take LL as a loss which would reduce the tax burden of the gain by nearly 50% . With the market having responded so strongly to start the year, our portfolios have seen higher than usual gains through the first quarter and tax implications have been somewhat of importance to our IMT (much earlier in the year than usual). That being said, our goal for our new lineup has been for the longer-term which should help limit the capital gains taken. As always though, our active management and analysis may lead to the swapping of certain positions, such as these, in the short and intermediate term. Continue to look for more insight & updates from our IMT as we enter into May.

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