Next Batter Up

7th Inning Stretch: It's been some time since we last posted to our blog, and we've been busy in our portfolios during that time, adding to our GAME Day, GAME Time, Tilt and Strategic Portfolios in areas we find value in, specifically from individual stocks. In our GAME Day portfolio we sold out of Big Lots! last week and have since entered a position in Omega Healthcare Investors. Similarly in GAME Time, we trimmed our position in GW Pharmaceuticals after news broke that the company was being bought out for over $7 Billion by Jazz Pharmaceuticals causing a significant move higher which we used proceeds to add to current holdings in the portfolio. Liberty Media Corp (FWONK), owner of the Atlanta Braves for another baseball reference, was added to our Tilt portfolio this week to replace Microsoft that was sold last week. This is just like baseball and the idea of the next man up, as we leave one holding there's always another one to add. -The Closer (Tony)

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