The foundation for most of EWM client portfolios, our core style is designed for investors with a long term investment horizon. It may be suitable for those investors starting to save into investment accounts or those with sufficient savings that want to seek returns over traditional bank options. While the portfolios are constructed with a longer term focus, they will have a strategic component to them (see ‘Strategic’ for more).


These portfolios are designed to produce income over a longer term time horizon with different styles to fit client needs. We offer three options: a fixed income favored mixed portfolio with a “Strategic” focus, a tax-free income portfolio of Municipal bond investments, and an all equity dividend-based stock portfolio for those who need or want income but are looking for a higher-growth approach with a portion of their investments.


Most of our clients will find these portfolios appropriate to fit their needs, risk, and goals who are not in need of income. With “Core” as the building blocks having a longer term focus, these portfolios will also have a tactical component to them. This allows us to manage the portfolios with a longer term view combined with a shorter-term focus. This means if certain market conditions are warrant, we have the ability to overweight or underweight different asset classes to include cash that can also be used as a temporary defensive strategy. Each portfolio is designed based on a level a risk objective with a target percentage for equities, fixed income and cash. A range for each target is then put in place to allow for the tactical overlay to be utilized.


Our most aggressive investors may find these portfolios that are run similarly to a mutual fund or SMA, to be appropriate due to few restrictions for suitability.  All decisions are made by the EWM team without leeway to stray from this due to client requests (unless tax implications are valid per client need).  The objective is to hold a portfolio based on the results of  tactical analysis or our proprietary sector rotation process.  Little to no emphasis will be placed on core holdings unless deemed to be the appropriate asset class per our momentum-based strategy.  The portfolio will be active and will use the results of the Sector Rotation Strategy to find specific investments within the strong sectors as well as rely heavily on the results of the bottom up approach through the technical studies described in this document.  Technical Analysis will form the basis of all buys and sells.  Taxes will be given a lower priority but will be reviewed each fall to determine potential tax swaps. 

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