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What fees will I pay? 

What does Econ Wealth provide that another firm may not? 

Econ Wealth is a fee only advisory firm. We have an asset-based management fee which is deducted quarterly from your account. For more information, please see our Form CRS or contact the office. 

We buy and sell individual stocks for our clients, based on their risk tolerance, and using a very specific investment selection process.  We do all of this with discretion and everything is done in our clients’ best interests.  

Who is my contact person?

At Econ Wealth Management we believe in a team approach. Anyone on the team can help you in most cases, however, there are certain things that only an Advisor can assist you with and in that case, you will be directed to one. 

Am I able to withdraw money from my accounts?

You are able to withdraw money out of your accounts, whenever you request. For the quickest turnaround we recommend setting up an electronic transfer between your bank account and  your Schwab account. If you are retired, we like to send ‘income’ in 6-month increments. For more information, please contact the office. 

When and how do I get my 1099s?

Typically, these will be ready in the middle of February each year. Your 1099 will be sent to you by mail, or online based on your Schwab preferences. For more information log into your Schwab account or call the office.  



Compass Logo (1).png