Steven Economopoulos, CFP®, ChFC®, CMT®

Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Executive Officer, Senior Financial Advisor

Steve is the founder of Econ Wealth Management.  He has twenty (20) years of experience in the financial services industry as a financial advisor.  As EWM’s Senior Financial Advisor and Chief Investment Strategist, Steve works with clients to map their financial plan to their investments. He is the lead manager for all portfolios and specializes in Tactical Portfolio Strategies as well as the Lead Advisor for our client relationships.

Why we do what we do

Our team is committed to impacting our community by building relationships through coaching respected clients and friends towards our common goal of achieving a more fulfilling life.  We perform within the context of a trusting relationship to serve a purpose larger than ourselves.  Teamwork, integrity, and success is how we measure our commitment to serve others.

Defining value through our clients' eyes

We are a team of dedicated professionals that focuses on our clients’ financial well-being through high service standards and will coach them to achieve their goals to live a fulfilling life. We help our clients make critical financial decisions with confidence and are dedicated to making an IMPACT in the lives of our clients with a purpose.

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